Reiki Treatments

Rika offers Reiki treatments for any disease, illness, injury, or condition, be it physical or psychological, big or small. As well as Reiki treatments combined with other holistic treatments like massage and reflexology. Jikiden Reiki Life is an official branch of the Jikiden Reiki Institute based in Kyoto Japan. Rika is qualified in a rage of other holistic therapies, and is insured for her work in her clinic.

A brief description of a typical Jikiden Reiki treatment
A session lasts 60-90 minutes on average. After a short consultation the client lies fully clothed on a comfortable treatment couch in a nice warm treatment room with soft lighting and relaxing music playing (optional). After a few minutes of treating the head Rika will then assess your condition and how to best approach your treatment by searching your body for areas with a build-up of toxins. Practitioners can identify and prioritise these treatment areas by paying attention to the sensations in their hands. Rika will then proceed to lay hands on according to your individual needs. She may also take notes to record your progress.

Receiving Reiki is a fascinating and thought provoking experience that is felt differently from person to person. Common sensations experienced include mild warmth to strong heat, pins / needle sensations.

The treatment finishes with Ketsueki Kokan (the blood circulation technique), which resembles a light massage to help rejuvenate the blood.

It is not uncommon for people to relax totally during a Reiki session and some people experience pain relief. But the main benefits usually take some time to show themselves (12-24 hours), as the effect of Reiki goes on long beyond the end of the session itself.

While some benefit can be gained from a single treatment, to get the best results from Reiki, regular sessions are important. Your body uses the extra energy to help repair its self quicker than it could otherwise. Many people experience other benefits including pain relief during the treatment.

90% of people do not fully believe in the effectiveness of Reiki treatment, until they try it that is! Come and experience this amazing therapy for yourself, and you too will be convinced!

Support for serious illness & injury

We take on cases involving chronic illness and severe injuries. In these cases an intensive treatment plan which could last for weeks or more is often what is required. To achieve this we offer the following services

Apart from giving you Reiki treatments, we can also reduce the overall cost of your treatment substantially and support you on your way towards good health by:

  • training you so you can give yourself treatments.
  • training members of your family, friends and others so they can help.
  • giving support via telephone and internet for your own self treatment and to assist others treating you and guidance to people involved in your treatment.
  • bringing in other certified Jikiden Reiki practitioners
  • giving or organising distance Reiki treatments


Appointments & Opening Times

All visits to our healing centre are by appointment only. We are open from 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday excluding Bank Holidays.
If you wish to enquire or make an appointment please contact us by email or by calling 07876 356 796


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