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rika tanaka jikiden reiki senior teacher

Welcome to my Jikiden Reiki Healing site. A really useful resource for anyone interested in this amazing healing system. My name is Rika Tanaka. I was born and raised in Aichi, Japan. Now I live in England where I practice traditional Japaese Reiki and other holistic therapies. Contact me to enquire about Reiki treatment or Reiki Training events I run across the UK.

  • Jikiden Reiki healing is simple effective in helping improve body or mind.
  • From minor cuts or a common cold to chronic illness and serious injury.
  • Get the power of Reiki in your life – join a Jikiden Reiki Course.
  • Jikiden Reiki is a school of authentic Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho.
  • Reiki treatment complements any other forms of treatment

What is reiki healing
Memorial Stone of Mikao Usui – Saihiji Temple, Tokyo

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki  is a form of energy healing which originates in Japan. ‘Reiki’ is a common word in Japan that is used in many different types of healing and spiritual practices. Although many such practices no longer exist, there are still may examples that survive today. What gave birth to what is popularly known as Reiki schools in the West is the form created by Mikao Usui. This is originally called “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho” in Japanese. Meaning “Usui Reiki treatment method for improvement of body and mind”.  This original name for Usui’s Reiki system is found on his memorial stone. The name is often shortened to simply “Reiki Ryoho” (Reiki Treatment).

It is typically applied by the laying on of hands although there are other methods. Reiki healing is a very simple therapeutic treatment that works if you believe or not. Therefore it can be used by people of any (or no) religion. The principal idea being it supports the recipient (which can be yourself) by helping supporting the natural healing system we all possess..

Mikao Usui founder of reiki healing
Sensei Mikao Usui

What is Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki is a school of authentic Usui Reiki treatment method. The word ‘Jikiden’ means ‘directly taught’ and refers to the founder of Jikiden Reiki being trained by one of the original teachers trained by he founder Mikao Usui. The founder, Mikao Usui discovered he had gained the Reiki helaing ability when he had a spiritual enlightenment after fasting for three weeks on Mount Kurama. He first used it on himself when he injured himself when returning from the mountain.

What Are The Principles of Usui Reiki?

Reiki healing has five simple principles for each day (also found on the memorial stone). These are shown in Usui’s handwriting at the top of the page. To find out more about the Gokai (five principles) of Reiki Treatment click here.

mount kurama birthplace of reiki healing
Somewhere near here, on Mount Kurama, Mikao Usui has a spiritual Enlightenment. Nearly 100 years later and Usui Reiki healing is popular all round the world.

Reiki Healing Compared With Other Holistic Treatments

Unlike other kinds of therapies and practices that use subtle energies like martial arts or yoga, Jikiden Reiki can be learned in a very short space of time (2-3 days). It will work whether or not the recipient agrees, approves or is conscious of receiving it. So Reiki does not require faith or belief in order for it to work. Other things that set Usui Reiki Ryoho apart from other treatments include a practice known as Reiju, which is what allows for the very short time it takes to learn this miraculous treatment method. Learn more about Reiju.

The History of Reiki Healing

I have a page dedicated to the history of Reiki healing if you would like to know more.